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BRALO has added the BT-18N rivet nut version to its range of tools. The line of battery solutions shares speed and reliability. Each element has been designed to meet the demands required for each application. They also share brushless motor, 18V lithium-ion technology, and 2.5 Ah and 5.0 Ah batteries, as well as a charger.

With a pulling force of 18000N, and a capacity to set nuts from M3 to M10, the BT-18N battery-powered riveting machine is a tool that provides fast application speed, high durability and reliability, as well as easy maintenance.

The BT-18N can be adjusted under two parameters:

Stroke regulation or S-mode: The BT-18N has ten programmable memories for stroke regulation. When working in S mode, the riveting machine uses its full tensile force, but limits its stroke to the programmed stroke, making it an ideal working mode for in-line production of an application that remains unchanged, i.e., always the same nut to be riveted on the same material with the same thickness.

Tensile force regulation or P mode: In this mode, the tool has ten additional memories for its regulation. When working in P mode, the amount of force used by the machine to rivet the nut is regulated, so it is ideal when the same model of nut is used, but the thickness of the base material is not always the same. Working in this mode, in addition, the BT-18N uses a quality control system of the riveting process, warning with an acoustic signal if the nut has not been riveted correctly, either by an incorrect adjustment, because it is not properly supported on the base material, or for any other reason, which gives it a great reliability when working to ensure the quality of the application.

The tool has automatic threading and unscrewing, as well as an unscrewing button to avoid jamming. It also has a counter that shows the number of nuts placed, which can be reset to zero when we need to start a new count. In addition, BRALO has kits supplied as personal accessories for setting M5 to M8 rivet studs with this tool.

Easily programmable and simple to maintain, the BT-18N riveting machine comes equipped with battery, charger and easily interchangeable M3 to M10 taps. It is ideal for outdoor or overhead work because of the freedom from being tethered to an air hose, and for any job where speed, reliability and power are required.

Source: Hardware Channel




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