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30 June, 2023On April 30, the 6 projects that AFM has coordinated in the 2022 call for the AEIs program ended. The projects have had the participation of 16 companies and research centers, mobilizing a budget of more than 3.5 million euros.

The projects developed have been the following:

· AEMAQ - Feasibility study for collaborative projects between companies in the aerospace and machine tool sectors
The overall objective of this feasibility study is to prepare a project proposal that provides collaboration opportunities that enable companies in the machine tool and aerospace sectors to be more competitive and increase turnover in collaborative projects through research and development. of secure and interoperable technologies.

Participating entities: AFM, HEGAN

· AI4MACHINES - Research in Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop new solutions in advanced manufacturing equipment with prescription and auto-adjustment in real time
The main objective of the AI4MACHINES project is to research and develop technologies around Artificial Intelligence to incorporate them into machine tools.

Participating entities: AFM, IBARMIA, ONA, SARIKI, TECNALIA, ZAYER

The main objective is to develop a SW solution (flexible and competent multiplatform postprocessor), which is valid for the vast majority of CAD/CAM software on the market and for the main machine tool manufacturers.

Participating entities: AFM, AVANTEK, CORREA, IBARMIA

· FOAMLAR - Circular Economy in Foam: Digital Products and Services Platform to promote Circular Economy in the Flexible Polyurethane market

FOAMLAR's objective is to develop a new family of digital products/services that include physical devices and applications, which will allow the user to rely on the knowledge base that IPF has been generating over the years and, in turn, will allow the The user himself creates his knowledge base related to the production processes of polyurethane foam in his factory.

Participating entities: AFM, IPF, SAVVY DATA SYSTEMS

· LMDCHAIN - Research in LMD additive technologies for their impact on the generation of new industrial processes aimed at creating value in the manufacture and recovery of critical machine components and generation of new advanced digital services

LMDCHAIN seeks to unite the manufacturing value chain to bring digital LMD technology closer to real manufacturing and repair processes of components associated with machines, generating new opportunities, savings and environmental benefits with a set of innovative solutions that will allow the development of additive technologies in Spain. .

Participating entities: AFM, IZADI, MACARBOX, TALENS

· TOR40 - Integration of digital identity to create advanced value-added services for the machine tool sector

The main objective of the project is to maximize the productivity of the machines following the premises of Lean Digital Manufacturing. The aim is to manufacture Smart Machines that can operate in the "Smart Factories", creating new 4.0 services ("Smart Services") for maintainability and usability aimed at the machine tool sector.

Participating entities: AFM, GEMINIS, TALLERES PARAMIO, ZITU

The role of AFM Cluster in these projects has been to guarantee a correct diffusion and dissemination of the results, in addition to analyzing ways of exploiting them. In addition, he has carried out secretarial and monitoring tasks for the projects.




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