Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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20 May, 2021

The BAHCO exclusive bandsaw calculator has been for years an invaluable tool for the industrial cutting industry specialists. BAHCO is now pleased to introduce the next generation of the application.

The new web-based BandCalc™ is multiplatform, responsive and open to every BAHCO user. They also have upgraded it with new functionalities that make the bandsaw calculation experience smooth and productive.

In a few intuitive steps, you can identify the BAHCO bandsaw blade that is most suitable to optimise your cutting operation. BandCalc™ guides you with predefined values but also lets you adjust to your own.

It also enables to name and store your machines for easy access and export the data as PDF to save or share it.

SNA EUROPE is the premier Pan-European manufacturer of hand tools and saws, part of Snap-on Incorporated. BAHCO products are overwhelmingly manufactured in their own factories located across Europe and offered by their partner distributors to the professionals.




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