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23 March, 2021

Multinational firm BRALO launches its new oleo-pneumatic rivet gun for insert nuts. The professional tool BNT-N completes the BRALO riveting tool range renowned on the market for their resistance, reliability and lightness.

BNT-N high performance oleo-pneumatic rivet gun

High performance and productivity are some of the characteristics of the BNT-N, a tool manufactured with tough, high durability parts, giving it greater reliability and speed for inserting nuts from size M3 to M10.

Thanks to its colour-coded regulation valve, we can adjust the strength of traction of each nut based on the thickness of application. As shown in the instruction manual, this comfortable and easy system is also capable of riveting the same nut in different thicknesses of application without having to adjust the traction force.

A tool designed for ease of use by the operator, with its automatic screwing system making nut placement on the male connector simple and adjusting it before inserting. Its ergonomic design and balanced weight make for comfortable handling, particularly on repetitive assembly line jobs.

Safety is one of the key aims of this Spanish multinational and so weight, noise and vibration levels are low to protect the user.

This rivet gun is equipped for insert nuts of size M-3 to M-10, in addition to blind rivets of M-4 to M-8 and UNC metric nuts.

A tool that meets the high safety and efficiency standards of the industry, it is perfect for both freelance professionals and assembly line workers in sectors such as the automotive industry, air conditioning, fencing and lifting equipment.

BRALO is a benchmark multinational in the fastenings sector. It manufactures and distributes rivets, nuts, blind rivets and riveting tools. It offers fastening solutions for all industries, guaranteeing high quality and efficient products. With production plants in three different continents and a sales network of ten branches distributing worldwide, BRALO is outstanding in the use of innovative technology and high-performance products, as well as boasting the broadest product range on the market.




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