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04 April, 2024The company JAZ Zubiaurre, S.A. was born in Eibar 100 years ago, as a manufacturer of metal brushes, by Domingo Zubiaurre, who came from a family of polishers and worked as such for the Eibar armourer. In its early years, JAZ was an artisan family business dedicated solely to supplying UNCETA, but when Javier Zubiaurre, the founder's son and industrial expert, joined the company, he boosted its technical and commercial development. In 1957, the economic contraction caused by the Stabilization Plan promoted by the Minister of Commerce Alberto Ullastres, the "Ullastres crisis", forced the company to look for new customers. This was decisive for the company's growth, since "it facilitated the incorporation of more people and the acquisition of modern production equipment," explains the manager of JAZ Surface Experts, Eduardo Zubiaurre.

After its continuous growth, both internally and externally, in 1970, it began its expansion abroad in Germany and the United States, and moved its headquarters to an industrial pavilion with a surface area of 4,000 m2 on four floors. In 1996, it achieved ISO 9000 Quality Assurance certification, the second planing company in the world to do so. The following year, it moved to its current facilities in the Azitain industrial park in the town of Azitain, which has a built-up area of 7,000 m2.

This change has led to "improvements in our production processes, we have modernized our equipment and we have innovated our products. In this way, we have obtained international patents and received awards in the field of technological innovation", says Eduardo Zubiaurre. At the turn of the century, in 1999, he established his subsidiary in the United States with JAZ USA, Inc, where his brand is one of the most recognized today and whose market has become the main one.

Recently, the 3rd and 4th generation members of the family "have tackled the transition process from being mere brush manufacturers to becoming experts in surface treatment solutions, mainly with cleaning, texturing and deburring of materials," says the manager of JAZ Surface Experts.

For this year, its objective is to increase its turnover by 10% and to carry out an intense investment program; thus, increasing its production capacity in Eibar, and expanding its facilities in the United States.

On the other hand, in the long term, its intention is to "continue to grow in a sustainable way by being a benchmark in the field of mechanical surface treatment," says Eduardo Zubiaurre. To achieve this, it wants to add new products for finishing and polishing to its catalog of surface treatment solutions.





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