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04 April, 2024IZAR, a European benchmark in the manufacture of cutting tools, has just presented its widest range of products in its new professional and industrial catalogs, which continue to adapt to the market segments at which they are aimed.

In the industrial catalog, there are many new products aimed at the world of precision machining, highlighting the renewed range of taps with internal coolant (ref. 3129 - 3169 - 3164) and the interpolation thread milling cutters (ref. 9330 - 9333).

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the increase in the range of high feed tools, such as its three-tooth integral carbide drills (ref. 9075), interchangeable head drills (ref. 8380 - 8381), and interchangeable high feed milling inserts.

Also worth mentioning is the new and exclusive IRIS coating for cutters designed for machining non-ferrous materials such as aluminum (ref. 9437 - 9439 - 9427 - 9441 - 9416 - 9417 and 9456).

In addition to the above, the range of high or ultra-precision collets for cylindrical shank tools (ref. 8390 - 8391 - 8392 - 8395) complements its catalog.

With this offer, IZAR manages to position itself as a reference for the most demanding machinists who seek to optimize their production processes to the maximum through the best cutting tool.

With the same philosophy, IZAR also launches its professional catalog, aimed at users in the field of repair, maintenance and construction. For this purpose, the company has designed functional tools that make your daily work easier and more comfortable, highlighting the multipurpose drill ref. 1876 with hard metal tip, exclusive IZAR sharpening and IZAR BLUE surface treatment. This drill bit is suitable for all materials such as refractory brick, ceramics or soft porcelain, metal, hardwoods, plastics and is even suitable for concrete with percussion.

Another highlight is the new 1821 drill bit, the "star" of this new catalog, which is ideal for drilling concrete and is designed with a hard metal cross point and 3 drive planes on the shank to guarantee the best drilling performance, preventing the drill bit from slipping in the chuck.

Finally, IZAR offers the product range of hex shank cutting tools (E6.3) for impact screwdriver work, which includes drills and taps for drilling, countersinking and tapping in metal, and also drills for wood and construction, together with a complete range of impact bits.

With this complete product offering, IZAR provides the most cost-effective cutting tools for an increasingly demanding user, all with the confidence to continue providing solutions to the most complex materials, hand in hand with constant innovation, in a sustainable and committed to the environment and with excellence in quality and service.




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