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28 February, 2024The European reference manufacturer presents its catalog of cutting tools for impact screwdrivers, which is the culmination of a specific development of both geometries and materials, for optimum results in this type of machine.

These are tools with DIN E6.3 standard shank, which fit these screwdrivers and allow for quick tool change.

Compared to other alternatives on the market, the most outstanding feature of this shank, even for the smallest diameters, is that it is manufactured in one piece. This significantly improves the performance of the tools, as they adequately withstand the torque released by the most powerful impact screwdrivers.

Another remarkable feature is that this range of tools is produced with the same quality requirements as the rest of its program, using the same manufacturing standards.

Years ago the screwdrivers had relatively small torques, and were geared to simple applications such as lag screws. Over time they have advanced and now there are impact screwdrivers with torques higher than 200Nm, giving the possibility of using them with tools such as drills, taps, countersinks, etc., obtaining surprising results.

IZAR has designed geometries that can withstand high torque, optimizing productivity, tool life, and surface finish.

IZAR continues to innovate and search for solutions, in this case designing tools that adapt to the impact screwdrivers that are increasingly present in supplies and hardware stores. For example, the new cobalt and HSS bits for this type of screwdrivers stand out. The cobalt drills, ref. 1616, with 135° tip angle are designed to work in hard materials, such as steels up to 1300N/mm2, martensitic stainless steels or titanium.

The 1613 drills, with a tip angle of 130° and made of high speed steel, are for more general uses, such as steels with hardnesses below 850Nmm2, cast iron or aluminum. These two references complete the range of hexagonal shank drills currently available in their catalog, both for construction (ref. 1601) and wood (ref. 1621).

Visit the IZAR stand in Hall 10.1 Stand H071!

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