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03 December, 2021

BELLOTA has established itself as a benchmark brand for pruning professionals by expanding its Cordless Electric Range: a light and ergonomic range that provides total freedom of movement, to work more comfortably and with more and more features.

The range consists of:

  • A small and handy cordless pruning chainsaw that allows quick cuts to diameters of up to 100 mm. Fully manageable with one hand so that the other hand is free to guide and hold the branches.
  • Two models of cordless electric scissors, with an adaptable head design, that allow faster and more precise cuts, and considerably increase productivity.
  • Two available cutting capacities: 32 and 37mm. In addition, they include the option of progressive or impulse cutting, adjustable cutting opening and anti-cutting system for total safety.
  • An extendable electric pole as the perfect complement to the scissors since it allows reaching the highest branches.
  • A tying machine that has 4 tying modes depending on the thickness of the branch. In addition, as a brand committed to the environment, the thread that accompanies the tying machine is made of biodegradable paper.

It is a continuously evolving range that allows farmers to optimize working time and achieve better results with less effort.

Multiply your energy

The launch, under the campaign "Multiply your energy", enables the pruner farmer to reach the highest branches, cut them easily, yielding twice as much and getting half tired.

Fast-charging lithium-ion batteries make the tool light, reducing fatigue and working with excellent maneuverability.

All the information on the range: technical sheets, exclusive videos with tricks to get the most out of the tools, and authorized points of sale, is available at:

In addition, users will be able to register their machines on the website and participate in a raffle for an Ipad Air and attend events with the Acorn User Specialist to discover the complete Range first-hand.




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